Specific conditions of the SHARK Helmets Guarantee
(2 years by law + 3 years free extension subject to registration of the helmet on the website https://guarantee.shark-helmets.com )

You have just chosen a SHARK helmet for your safety and pleasure. It has been designed with the greatest care to bring you complete satisfaction. For your safety and that of your passenger, you must respect all care and safety rules when using your 2-wheel vehicle.

The SHARK Helmets warranty assures the original purchaser that any possible manufacturing defect or material defect will be taken into account under the SHARK Helmets warranty. The buyer has a maximum period of 6 months after the date of purchase of his helmet to register it on the site https://guarantee.shark-helmets.com and thus to benefit from the warranty extension to 5 years.


If during the warranty period (i.e. 2 legal years of warranty + 3 years subject to the user registering his SHARK helmet on the site https://guarantee.shark-helmets.com ) a problem covered by the warranty occurs, SHARK Helmets, through its sales network, undertakes to repair or replace any defective elements up to the maximum limit of the purchase value of the helmet.

Any work costs would be borne by the SHARK Helmets network but must be subject to an agreement prior to the operation. If the repair requires a shipment that engenders transport costs, support by the SHARK Helmets network is limited to the cost of transport by national postal services at normal speed.


Only material or manufacturing problems are taken into account during this warranty. The responsibility of SHARK Helmets for the product can in no way be called into question in the following cases:

Any damage following: 1) a fall or an accident 2) a technical modification made by the user or a third party (glue, adhesives, paint, screws, etc.) 3) use of or contact with harmful chemicals (including methylated spirits on screen treatments) or a significant heat source 4) improper use: abnormal conditions (aquatic for example), lack of maintenance or care 5) ageing due to normal wear and tear of internal fabrics and foams, the appearance of external parts or the screen (scratches, scratches, etc.) 6) abnormal and prolonged exposure to UV, in particular for the colours of the decorations. 7) Fluorescent colours (paints and / or decorations) on certain models in the SHARK Helmets range may fade over time and with repeated exposure of the helmet to the outside elements, without this being considered a defect. 8) Paint damaged after user sits on the helmet. 9) Much care is made in the finishing by hand of our helmets. Variations on the appearance, on the tints or on the paintings do not represent a faulty work therefore cannot be claimed under warranty.

Good practices for maintaining your helmet: Fluorescent colours may vary over time and with repeated exposure to UV (ultraviolet) radiation. To mitigate these effects and preserve the original colours of your helmet, SHARK Helmets recommends that you store it in a dark place and avoid prolonged direct or indirect exposure of your helmet to UV rays.

On the other hand, SHARK Helmets cannot accept as defects covered by the guarantee all the subjective consequences due to use: problems of comfort, size, noise or whistling, aerodynamics, etc. SHARK Helmets cannot be held responsible for the temporary unavailability of a helmet when this is required to upgrade the helmet in order to satisfy its owner. In any case, 5 years is the maximum warranty period, and the replacement of any element during this time does not extend this period.


All after-sales service requests must be made to the SHARK Helmets dealer who sold the helmet along with the purchase invoice for the helmet concerned. For a warranty claim to be taken into account by the reseller, the purchaser must notify him of the problem encountered and must return the helmet that is the subject of the complaint. This warranty does not in any way take away the rights of the purchaser provided for by national directives.

All these provisions of this specific and limited warranty are cancelled 2 years after the date of purchase (or 5 years, if that the user has registered his SHARK helmet on the website https://guarantee.shark-helmets.com ). To benefit from maximum protection and comfort, it is preferable to replace your helmet after a period of 5 years of regular use.

Indeed, certain exterior elements, general wear, and certain impacts could adversely affect the safety characteristics of this essential protective element.


SHARK Helmets reserves the right to perform warranty operations with replacement parts in the latest version adaptable to the model concerned and cannot guarantee perfect adaptation of the paints or decorations linked to specific product versions and/or limited series. In addition, the natural alteration of colours over time can also cause distortion in the fit of replacement parts.

If SHARK Helmets is not able to provide repair for a technical reason or component availability, SHARK Helmets undertakes to offer advantageous conditions for the customer, taking into account the obsolescence of his helmet, i.e. an identical new helmet, or an equivalent model, if the previous model is no longer available.