Specific terms and conditions of the SHARK 5-year warranty
(2 statutory years + 3-year extension at no cost)

You recently purchased a SHARK helmet for your safety and leisure. It has been designed with the greatest care to satisfy your every requirement. For your safety, and that of your passenger, be sure to respect all the necessary rules of caution when using your motorcycle.
The SHARK 5-YEAR warranty guarantees the initial purchaser that any potential manufacturing fault or material defect will be covered.


If during the warranty period (5 years from the date of purchase) an item covered under the warranty were to occur, SHARK via its sales network agrees to repair or replace any defective components up to the actual helmet purchase value. Any labour costs involved are normally paid by the SHARK network yet must still be submitted for approval prior to carrying out the work.
If the repair requires components to be shipped, thereby incurring transport costs, the SHARK network will bear costs up to a limit set as the Post Office shipping rate at normal speed delivery.


This warranty only covers problems arising with materials or manufacturing. SHARK cannot under any circumstances be held liable as regards the product in the following cases:
Any damage subsequent to:
1) a fall or accident,
2) a technical modification introduced by the user or a third-party (glue, adhesives, paint, screws, etc.),
3) use of or contact with: harmful chemical products (including methylated spirits on the visor treatments), or an intense heat source,
4) improper use: atypical conditions (e.g. underwater), lack of maintenance or care,
5) ageing due to normal wear of: the inner fabric or foam, the exposed external parts, or the visor (scratches, marks, etc.),
6) abnormal and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, especially for decorative colours.

Moreover, SHARK cannot subjective considerations related to helmet use as defects covered under the warranty, namely: issues regarding comfort, size, noise or whistling, aerodynamics, etc.
SHARK cannot be held liable for the temporary non-availability of the helmet while upgrades are being performed to meet the owner's satisfaction.
In all circumstances, the maximum warranty period is 5 years. Replacement of a component during this period of validity does not extend the duration of coverage.


When the helmet is sold, the warranty card containing all pertinent information must be completed and returned to SHARK SA by the purchaser.
All warranty claims must be filed with the SHARK dealer that sold the helmet.
For a warranty claim to be considered valid, the purchaser must notify the dealer of the problem encountered and return the defective helmet, along with the warranty card completed at the time of helmet purchase.
This warranty does not deprive in any way the purchaser from exercising the statutory rights granted in national-level directives.

The effects of this specific limited warranty shall cease after a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. Once this period has elapsed, should you continue to regularlyuse the helmet, you would be advised to replace your helmet in order to benefit from optimal protection and comfort.
More specifically, certain external factors, like general wear, various types of shocks, could diminish the safety characteristics of this essential piece of protective equipment.


SHARK reserves the possibility to undertake work within the terms of this warranty using replacement parts from the most recent version, provided compatibility with the particular model, and moreover is unable to guarantee a perfect match with paint colours or decorative features associated with specific production runs and/or limited editions. In addition, the natural fading of colours over time can cause a mismatch when adapting spare part colours.

If SHARK is unable to carry out the repair for technical reasons or due to a component being out of stock, the company hereby agrees to make the customer an advantageous offer, in taking into account the age of the helmet, that consistsof either an identical new helmet or an equivalent model manufactured at the time of the repair request should the original model no longer be available.


In strict accordance with legal provisions pertaining to a customer's private life, SHARKmay use a customer's personal data for the purpose of disseminating news and advertising.

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